School Pressure Cleaning Perth

There are few places where cleanliness and hygiene is more important than in a school environment.

Pressure Cleaning Perth will keep your school sparkling clean, safe and happy place for children to learn and play.

In addition, Pressure Cleaning Perth’s state of the art recycling technology removes pollutants and hazards to reduce the risk of injuries whilst keeping school buildings and grounds in pristine condition.

Pressure Cleaning Perth can carry out the following services for schools:

Concrete Pressure Cleaning
Concrete Sealing
Car Park Pressure Cleaning
Pavement Pressure Cleaning
Shade Sail Pressure Cleaning
Cleaning internal and external eating areas
Building wash-downs including roofs and walls
Front entries
Driveway pressure cleaning
Footpath pressure cleaning
Stairway pressure cleaning
Tennis court pressure cleaning
Basketball court Pressure cleaning
Swimming pool areas
Locker areas
Chewing gum removal

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