Concrete Sealing

A thorough pressure clean can bring even the dirtiest, dullest concrete area back to life. Let’s face it nothing looks better than freshly cleaned concrete.

The trouble is, it doesn’t stay that way forever.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution that can drastically improve the appearance of concrete, make it easier to maintain and protect it, all at the same time.

Concrete sealing in Perth is the easy way to maximise the value of your property.

We can clean, re-seal, restore and maintain your hard surfaces. Taking care of all these steps in one go is definitely the most efficient and cost effective way of protecting your property.

Our knowledgeable technicians can offer you a range of solutions for your cleaning and sealing needs, and we have access to an extensive range of quality sealing products designed to withstand the demands of the harsh Australian environment.

As each environment is different, so too are the sealers that are required.

Our state of the art technology, combined with a thorough analysis of your particular requirements and our attention to detail ensures that your concrete surfaces will remain in peak condition, saving you money over time.

Why is pressure cleaning and sealing decorative concrete and hard surfaces the best option?

  1. Pressure Cleaning removes unsightly stains and slip hazards
  2. Pressure Cleaning dramatically improves the appearance of your concrete area and by sealing the area further improves the appearance
  3. Sealing protects the surface from the harsh Australian climate.
  4. Sealing resists the marking effects of dirt, grime, salt, moss and oils.
  5. Sealing makes surfaces much easier to wash and clean because it seals the pores in the concrete to restrict flow of lime to the surface.

There are two main types of sealers we may apply to a surface after cleaning. Each of these sealers has different features, which make them suitable for particular applications.

Acrylic Sealers

Acrylic sealers are the most widely used and preferred coating in the concrete industry. They are UV resistant, relatively easy to apply, can be applied soon after concrete installation, are economically priced and have excellent recoating abilities.

Acrylic sealers are commonly used on areas such as exposed aggregate, full depth coloured concrete, stencil concrete, pattern concrete and style paves resurfacing systems.

Will leave the surface looking glossy

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers penetrate the surface and provide a natural look.

Penetrating sealers (in contrast to Acrylic sealers) do not create a coating and so good for surfaces where being no-slip and having a natural look may be important.

Penetrating sealers are commonly used on surfaces such as clay pavers, concrete pavers, terracotta, sandstone, granite, limestone, natural stone, porous tiles, marble, pedestrian and public areas where staining may be an issue.

Pressure Cleaning Perth will conduct a thorough assessment of your concrete and hard surface areas and offer expert advice on the correct sealer for your project or home.

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