Common Commercial and Industrial Cleaning Problems & Our Solutions

Commercial kitchens must uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Our specially developed techniques deep clean commercial kitchen tiles and grout to meet the most rigorous compliance and food preparation safety standards.

We use a powerful vacuum recovery system at the point of cleaning which means that cold storage areas can be cleaned without first removing the stock. This means significantly less disruption to your daily operations. Chewing gum and grease in public areas not only looks horrible but poses health and safety risks. Our staff can remove such mess from your buildings and walkways quickly and efficiently.

Filthy commercial bins look unsightly and create an unpleasant smell around your premises. They also attract vermin. We use our pressure cleaning equipment to wash and sanitise commercial bins.

Hot water combined with high pressure is the perfect way to degrease dirty surfaces, as well as remove and sanitise spills and splatters of fats, oils and other hydrocarbons.

We provide pressure-cleaning solutions that protect the environment, reduce water consumption.

We apply for the appropriate permits from local counsels where public cleaning will take place.

Provide comprehensive written reports including ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of the public areas after they have been cleaned.

Our staff observe Occupational Health and Safety practices to their highest degree and diligently comply with difficult environment protection regulations. This removes the burden of consideration of these issues from you.

Our system uses up to 80% less water than other non-recycling systems. Our equipment features a vacuum method for recovery, filtration and re-use of recycled water. This also means that newly washed surfaces are left clean and almost dry and ready for immediate use.

We utilise an anti-bacteria/mould treatment on all surfaces to discourage the re-growth of it.

As well as floors and surfaces, we can clean street furniture to keep it looking smart.

We offer scheduled cleaning and maintenance programs, which not only keep your property looking good, but also save you money over time. It is far more cost effective to stay on top of your property cleaning than it is to try and clean up years of dirt in one go.

We will provide written reports including before-and-after photographs for your records and peace of mind.





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