Hi, I’m Jamie, and I am the Director of Pressure Cleaning Perth. Having worked in the building industry for 25 years, I truly understand the importance of keeping a workplace clean.

Unfortunately I have seen situations firsthand where workplace health and safety guidelines have been seriously breached because the work environment has not been kept appropriately clean. As you can imagine, aside from compromising staff safety, this creates a range of other negatives for the business from a poor first impression on customers, not to mention the potential for serious fines in regards to Occupational Health and Safety.

I am acutely aware that finding a professional commercial cleaning company is not without its frustrations. That is why I have provided you with as much information as I can on this website so that you can make a truly informed decision when you engage a professional pressure cleaning service. I have included responses to the questions I am commonly asked, as well as those that people should be asking a potential service provider.

Being able to educate my clients and then deliver them outstanding results is incredibly rewarding and gives me enormous satisfaction. I have developed our services so that you can enjoy the convenience of having all of your pressure cleaning needs taken care of by a single provider. Personally, I am extremely fastidious and I strive to over deliver on value and service.

From getting the work done above and beyond my customer’s expectations the first time, to my “8 Point Code of Conduct and Iron Clad Guarantee”, I want my clients to view Pressure Cleaning Perth as the commercial pressure cleaning company of choice.





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